Powder coating


Using appropriate painting equipment, we can obtain impeccable colour coatings on metal surfaces that protect the material against external factors.

Powder coating

In powder coating, we use the technique of electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying (tribo). Having applied enough paint, the elements are heated to about 200 oC, which results in melting and polymerisation of the powder paint.

The resulting paint coating is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperature and mechanical damage.
We specialise in powder coating of steel and galvanised elements. We have a modern powder coating line with an automatic pressure washer. For painting details, we use powder paints produced by renowned companies, certified by Qualicoat, such as:
TIGER, IGP, GOVESAN, INVER, JOTUN. We can also use paints of other brands, specified by a customer.

The maximum dimensions of painted elements: 7,99 m x 1,95 m x 2,35 m

Technological process


Steel elements of the required resistance to weather conditions

  • degreasing
  • painting with primer with zinc pigment
  • painting with ultraviolet and weather-resistant facade paints

Steel elements used indoors

  • degreasing
  • iron phosphate chemical conversion treatment
  • painting with epoxy-polyester and decorative paints

Galvanised elements

  • degreasing
  • iron phosphate chemical conversion treatment
  • powder coating


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